ADDRESS: 1775 N. Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074

HOURS: Open every Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm

Open for vendors 6am

Easy space rental:

Sign clipboard located on front door or front desk and we will get you a space!

Space Size: 12'W x 8'D

Please refer to Seller Rules & Tips & MERCHANDISE

Reservation/Storage: (non-refundable) $70 per month -this fee is in addition to the daily rental ($22/$28)

Daily Fee

-Saturday $22 Sunday $28              

-Corners/Walls additional $5 per day

-Outdoor spaces - $20


-Electricity $2 per day (for vendors requiring extra electricity for their booth)

-Table Rental $6 per day, $10 per weekend (6' tables). Or, bring your own tables.

-Saturday overnight storage for non-reserved vendors-$4 - please bring a tarp or similar covering to secure your merchandise

Vendors storing merchandise are required to pay daily rental fee even if they are not present.

FOOD: The Village of Palatine requires all vendors supply us with their name and address, which will also be given to Palatine. Some food vendors must obtain a food license form the Village of Palatine health department. Please call us before contacting Palatine if you want to sell food. Produce vendors welcome! 847-524-9590